Latest news

Latest news

It has been a tough time all round hasn’t it. You will have had to deal with unprecedented change – and these changes are going to have a long term effect on business – some in a positive way though which is interesting. So, a big well done to you all.

Stay strong, stay true and always, always be yourself. Remember why you started your business because your passion and enthusiasm will help you win through and stay on top.

A quick update for you about my services

I cannot wait to get back out on the road helping & supporting all you fabulous independant bridal retailers, designers and wholesalers become the best you can be.

Good news. My office is officially open again as of Monday June 1st. In-house Courses and services will resume from mid-June, and I am taking bookings now.

I am being inundated with requests, which is hugely exciting. I anticipate a very busy time up to the end of the year, so please contact me as soon as possible to secure your training dates.

Of course, if you’d prefer to learn at your own pace, you are welcome to purchase my range of fantastic courses via the website shop.

Wishing you the very best of luck. Let’s get back to work!