Why invest in sales training your team with me?

Why invest in sales training your team with me?

As we enter Spring, I thought it might be interesting to speak a little about the wisdom of continual investment in your team. We are all busy and often in a bridal retail environment, training can be overlooked. It should though be seen as a necessary and worthwhile investment. 

Why invest in an outside trainer?

When one of your staff steps onto the sales floor it’s really very important they are equipped with all the tools they’ll need to be able to serve their customers – give them a fabulous experience of course, and ultimately, make a sale. 

Not being prepared will put staff on the back foot and unfortunately, customers can lose trust in their abilities very quickly. They’ll make their minds up within seconds as to whether they believe you and your team can deliver. 

Easy to learn and implement sales training is beneficial to existing and new staff alike. No jargon, manipulation or pressure selling either. No one wants to be pushed into buying something. 

I’ve heard many times before where business owners try to train staff and are simply too busy. Grabbing a few minutes here and there isn’t practical and from a learning perspective, disorganised and ineffectual. 

Taking the pressure off your shoulders and investing from the outside will help you reap financial rewards. And, of course, leave you to get on with the running your boutique! 

What are the advantages to your business?

Forward thinking business owners who regularly invest in their staff exude professionalism and add a good dose of esteem to their company. Prestige and renown are vital ingredients for customers to be who may be thinking about visiting your boutique. Active investment will help your business to outshine any perceived competition by being distinctive from them. Your prominence in the industry will also be assured.

When an external trainer is employed, it has been shown staff who attend will learn more, value & use what they have learned in a very encouraging way. Trying out new things is very appealing.  

Customers will notice instantly anyone who has been trained to do their job. They like trained staff. Don’t we all! Ultimately, what we are doing is looking at human behaviour and how we can make the most of building healthy professional relationships with customers. Bridal Retail has changed dramatically over the years – human nature hasn’t. It is always an important aspect to my training alongside developing courses which work in the 21st century world of brides to be. 

External training means you are investing in impartial and objective advice and learning. There is no agenda. Whether dealing with a team or individuals, I have found over the 21 years I’ve been in business, any political matters, gripes or issues can be diffused easily if required as part of a training programme because I approach all staff members with no angle or preconceived ideas. 

Training days are perfect for staff morale boosts. Motivational exercises and bringing a team together are a priority. Ensuring everyone is on the same page is crucial to facilitate continued business success. 

Flexibility is important to my clients which is why I offer weekday and weekend sessions. Also, I have a variety of live chat mini courses which are delivered by What’s App or Zoom, and online courses to purchase. That way you are able to choose which model best fits your individual requirements. 

Observation days on a Saturday followed by a Sunday training day are by far the most popular choice for my clientele. Being in the business, learning how it runs, and working alongside all the team helps give me a very good overview of the business culture, dreams and goals of the owner(s) and how they want their business to function in essence.

Regular investment helps teams to stay on top and not drift back into old ways of working which may not be best for your organisation. 

So, whether you are new to the industry or have been in it for years, I have a course & service which will be perfect for you.