In house bridal sales training courses 2024

In house bridal sales training courses 2024 2024-04-16T08:28:35+00:00

Sales training observation day:

Taking place on a Saturday, in your showrooms, these days are hugely popular. My clients love them, primarily because they prove enlightening and bring success. I follow up with an in-house training day based on knowledge gathered during the observation day.


As I work alongside you and your team I will study and observe current performance, techniques and skills. I shall where appropriate, guide and highlight any areas which could be enhanced.

√ Emphasis on your appointment structure; content versus conversion rates.

√ Focusing on quality of appointments over quantity.

√ Highlighting the importance of time management, because as we know, there is a very small window of opportunity to make the right first impression.

√ Practising good timing.

√ How to work to, and maintain, consistently high sales targets.

√ A detailed report detailing suggested areas of improvement or change.

√ FREE ongoing support and help.

Sales training opening programme:


√ Getting back on track following boutique closures.

√ Ensuring a smooth transition whilst encompassing new rules and regulations.

√ Discovering the secrets of how to lead the whole appointment.

√ Learning what your customers want, and how to deliver it.

√ Building relationships with the whole bridal party.

√ Empower your staff and customers alike.

√ Working through the typical bridal retail customer/guest objections and barriers.

√ When it is appropriate to, and how to, say no.

√ Gaining commitment by asking permission.

√ Opening the sale.

√ Guiding your customer through the sales process; what happens next.

√ All staff attending will each receive a copy of the much coveted Helena Cotter Training Workbook 1.

Refresher Programme 1:


√ Recap from your last training session.

√ Adapting your approach.

√ How to better understand your customers.

√ Being the customer’s guide.

√ The Helena Cotter Bridal Bubble.

√ Working close.

√ Keeping it simple.

√ Creating rapport by building healthy relationships.

√ Working with trust and integrity.

√ Highlight on empathy; essential in any retail environment.

√ Moving from passive to active.

√ When and how to stop selling.

√ Being brave, confident and asking for the sale.

√ All staff attending will each receive a copy of the Helena Cotter Training Workbook 2.

Refresher Programme 2:


√ Recap from your last training session.

√ The key building blocks to success.

√ Motivating and educating your customers.

√ Managing customer expectations.

√ Barriers to effective communication.

√ Using influential, not manipulative verbal language.

√ How to negotiate with your customers.

√ The art of body language.

√ Matching cues.

√ Trial closes. How they work; why they work.

√ Knowing when to stop selling.

√ All staff attending will each receive a copy of the Helena Cotter Training Workbook 3.

The best team:


√ Re-cap from your last training session.

√ Practical, easy to implement advice and tips.

√ Hiring for attitude, training for skills.

√ Individual mentoring.

√ Group Q and A sessions and discussions.

√ How staff work together as a team.

√ Functioning with a mix of personalities.

√ Using powerful communication skills.

√ Creating team goals.

√ Being flexible.

√ Working in harmony.

√ Helping the vision you have for your business become reality.

√ All staff attending will receive a copy of the Helena Cotter Training Workbook 6.

Selling at another level:

√ Re-cap from your last training session.

√ The psychology of sales.

√ Why customers get frustrated.

√ Customer buying patterns & statistics.

√ Your WOW factor. Making it work for you and your customers.

√ Maximise your sales using your team’s individual working styles.

√ Making buying normal for your customers.

√ Understanding when good is good enough.

√ Creating the best buying experience.

√ Learning how we receive and give information.

√ Shifting the focus from your product to your customer.

√ Spotlight on why enhanced listening skills are so crucial to your business.

√ Discovering how to question and communicate effectively with your customers.

√ All staff attending will receive a copy of the Helena Cotter Training Workbook 7.

Build your own Course:

Proven to be such a popular option for my clients in 2021, I shall be again developing tailor made courses throughout 2022.

Take full control of your team’s investment by building your own course based on your individual requirements.

How does it work?

  1. Tell me what your budget allocation is for learning and development.
  2. Once I know this figure, I shall design a course to suit you and your needs*.
  3. The course can be delivered in house over a half or full day, depending on content and your location. The course can also be made available to purchase online for overseas clients.

Providing you with the best learning, for this most demanding industry.

I look forward to working with you soon!


*Please note, there will be an origination charge of £150.00.