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Jazzy Babe, bridal evening & prom gowns

Are you a national sales agent looking for a new and exciting challenge?

Jazzy Babe are recruiting now for a professional sales person working on a commission only basis, with a proven track record, and an existing clientele for the UK launch of their fabulous label in 2024.

Check out the website here:

Evening Gowns | Jazzy Babe

UK company address:

Unit 3C, St. Leonard’s Road, London NW10 6ST

For more details about how to apply for this position, contact me today on 07896 944759, email:



 AB Agencies Ltd is a fast growing company and is looking for an experienced self employed Bridal sales agent for the south of England.
Our portfolio includes the bridal collections from well know labels across Europe.
We are looking for a highly motivated and active agent who is willing to travel and do in store visits and who will be available to work on stand at exhibitions both in the UK and Europe.
For further information please email us on with your C.V.
Tony & Claire