Bridal sales training consultancy services 2024

Bridal sales training consultancy services 2024 2024-04-16T08:32:10+00:00

Business Owner Coaching.

Areas covered will include:

√ Your role as the business director.

√ Your vision for your company and how to get there.

√ What is leadership?

√ The five pillars to successful leadership.

√ Are you task focused or team focused?

√ The value of continued staff development.

√ Your staff traits and how to increase their strengths.

√ Delegation.

√ Goal setting and managing.

√ FREE ongoing business advice.

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Management development.

I shall give your Manager all the tools they need to lead your team.

Areas covered will include:

√ Cross training.

√ One to one mentoring.

√ Managing time.

√ Supervision of staff.

√ Motivating a sales team.

√ Working with a diverse mix of personalities.

√ Filtering messages through you to the team and back again.

√ The Helena Cotter traffic light system of communication.

√ Dealing with staff or customer problems.

√ Maintaining goals.

√ Delegating responsibility.

√ A copy of the Manager’s workplace manual.

Working in partnership with worldwide Bridal Designers and manufacturers.


√ Take part in this fantastic course for wholesalers in the industry.

√ The Courses can take place either at your head offices, or a venue of your choice.

√ Give your Retailers the edge with their very own customised Training Day.

√ Working closely with you I will show your suppliers how to sell your gowns with ease.

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