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Launch of live chat courses

Following client requests, I am delighted to announce the launch of a new series of fantastic live chat mini courses. Taking you and your staff through all the steps needed to become even more successful, the courses are tailored specifically for this niche industry. With the modern times we are living in, many of [...]


Wedding Trader September/October 2021.

Go for gold with the new feature I have written for you in the fabulous Wedding Trader magazine: Pages 88 +89. Managing a changing business environment. Packed full of fantastic tips and hints to give your business a real boost. Enjoy! Helena Helena


Wedding Trader interview

Andy from Wedding Trader magazine kindly invited me to have a chat about bridal business on their YouTube channel: See it here: Andy Allen interviews Helena Cotter for Wedding Trader - YouTube Enjoy! Helena


New live chat courses

It has certainly been quite a year so far hasn't it.  At last things seem to be getting back to normal for everyone. Thank goodness. I am in the process of developing a series of mini courses which will be delivered by live chat over individual 2 hour time slots. They can take place [...]


Be the best

Running a small business like yours takes a lot of bravery, guts, stamina, and vision. I say anyone who can succeed in a small business, giving people jobs, and making a profit is a winner. Big or small, you should be immensely proud of yourself. Ignore the naysayers, doom mongers, and negative people. They’ll [...]


New Year gift 2021

2020 was a tough year wasn't it. For everyone. And retail was no exception. Looking forward, I hope 2021 is going to be fantastic for you and everyone associated with the niche Bridal Industry. It is very important to stay focused, up to speed, and maintain learning - especially during lockdown as old habits can [...]


Getting back to work

Get back to work and hit the ground running. Here are my top tips to help ensure you, your team, and your customers have the best possible experience once all businesses are re-opened. Know when to stop! After this unprecedented year, it would be very easy to expand your business; trying to be everything [...]


Latest news

It has been a tough time all round hasn't it. You will have had to deal with unprecedented change - and these changes are going to have a long term effect on business - some in a positive way though which is interesting. So, a big well done to you all. Stay strong, stay [...]


Back to work training

Here is my latest offering to you in the fantastic Wedding Trader magazine: You'll find lots of brilliant help and advice for you and your team going forward. Wishing you the very best of luck. Let's get back to work! Helena