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Where it all started

Following my recent  interview with Wedding Trader mag, I'd love to share with you the story of how my journey as the nation's leading bridal industry trainer began. Pages 70 - 73. Take a peek here: May/June 2024 - Wedding Trader Mag Enjoy! And to the fabulous Wedding Trader team - thank you for your support.  [...]


21st anniversary pressies

As part of my 21 years in business celebrations, I have discounted all my online, live chat and in house services & courses for the month of May 2024. Click on the links and take a look here at what's on offer for you in the shop: Products – Helena Cotter Simply enter '21 [...]


Why invest in sales training your team with me?

As we enter Spring, I thought it might be interesting to speak a little about the wisdom of continual investment in your team. We are all busy and often in a bridal retail environment, training can be overlooked. It should though be seen as a necessary and worthwhile investment.  Why invest in an outside [...]


Wedding Trader magazine March April 2024.

I've written two articles for you in the latest fabulous Wedding Trader magazine: March/April 2024 - Wedding Trader Mag Firstly, how well do you connect with your customers? Pages 50 & 51. Then, all about selling in the 21st century which can be read on pages 76 - 78. Enjoy! Helena  [...]


Wedding Trader magazine Jan Feb 2024.

Take a look at the new issue of the brilliant Wedding Trader mag here: January/February 2024 - Wedding Trader Mag I've written a very informative feature for you regarding customer refunds.  Find it on pages 34 + 35. Several bridal retail clients had previously been in touch with me regarding this subject which is [...]


Marguerite Hannah award nomination 2024

I do hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year. Here's to a very successful 2024! This year has got off to a fabulous start for Marguerite Hannah of Alan Hannah & MiaMia Bridal who has been nominated for The British Design Talent Award 2024.  I've known Alan & Marguerite for decades. They [...]


To charge or not to charge for appointments.

What is an appointment? An appointment is a dedicated amount of time given to one customer at a time. These can range from one hour to two hours in the main. Some boutiques offer their diary online and brides etc can book their own appointment slot. Or one can telephone/email/DM to make an appointment [...]



Back in the day it would have been virtually unheard of to not open 5-6, or even 7 days a week in a bridal boutique. It appears today some bridal retail business owners are forgoing that model. I have been absolutely amazed at how many are closed unless they have pre-booked appointments. Is this [...]


Hat exhibition Luton Museum

"If you want to get ahead, get a hat" was a phrase coined in 1952 by the Hat Council for an advertisement. Back in the day no self respecting man or woman would be seen without a hat. Luton in Bedfordshire, as you may know, is the Hatters town. The Hat Industry of Luton [...]