About Helena

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The original, the best. 

After many years carving out a hugely successful career in Bridal Retail, I opened my Sales Training Academy in 2003, dedicated 100% to the niche Bridal Retail Industry .

Not only was there a gap in the market, there was no market. My sales training company, I am told, was the first of it’s kind focused entirely on the national and international bridal market. 

21 years on, I still work closely with family run bridal business owners like you, advocating personal, tailored programmes designed to suit your own individual business needs and budget allocation. Recognising what is important to you is important to me too!

Forward thinking Bridal Retailers:

~ Book a live, in house training experience and watch your team flourish whilst enhancing their skills set. 

~ Purchase and download courses from the online shop.

~ Take part in a 2 hour live chat mini course.

After investing in a course, you’ll know how to:

√ Consistently grow your sales with ease.
√  Improve your turnover.
√  Increase your profits.

Calling Bridal Wholesalers:

I am very lucky to work in collaboration with many UK and international Bridal Designers and manufacturers.

Now let me develop an outstanding course for your organisation.

Working either at your showrooms or a location of your choice, why not invite a group of your customers to a specialist Training day with the renowned Industry expert.

Whether you are a Bridal Retailer or Designer, take the first step and join the Retail Revolution today.

I cannot wait to welcome you into this fantastic community of Bridal Industry professionals; you’ll feel very much at home.


Outside of work:

I am very passionate about animal welfare and support many charities concerned with protection, rehoming and education surrounding animals.

I also work closely with my local community on a voluntary basis lobbying our local council, councillors and MP to ensure we all enjoy a clean and safe home environment. In 2010 I founded a local conservation society. After 3 1/2 years of hard slog, we were finally granted Conservation Area status in Luton south. It represents the largest residential Conservation Area to have been designated for over 13 years. This hard fought for accomplishment remains one of the biggest achievements and proudest moments of my life outside of my day job. 

The natural world is very important to me. I worked hand in hand with the authorities to save trees and open spaces in the area where I live. 

I can often be found litter picking in the streets around here. Fly tipping and dropping litter is a scourge in lots of places around these islands. 

Working with my friends and neighbours, we have been known to take on planners/developers who often try to change the area – and not for the better. It’s an uphill task and whilst we don’t win every time, we try our best. I am a firm believer in standing up for what you believe in.

I enjoy going to boot fairs and antique fairs too. I collect mid century glass and ceramics. It has been a love of mine for over 30 years. Finding a piece of treasure as I call it is so exciting. 

I am quite a book worm and enjoy reading history, current affairs and political books. On that note, do you enjoy old black and white movies? I do too. The fashions and jewellery were all so glam back in the day weren’t they. 

I look forward to working with you soon.