Jazzy Babe evening & Prom gowns launch 2024

Jazzy Babe evening & Prom gowns launch 2024

I am thrilled to announce an invitation to work with the director of Jazzy Babe evening & prom gowns to help with the exclusive launch of their collections into the UK market next year.

Focusing on exquisite beadwork and embroidery with fabulous styling, they are definitely a label to watch and the 2024 collections are being designed right now. I have to say, having had a preview of them, they are really gorgeous, beautifully made and well priced. A new label is always a pull for your customers and they’ll be thrilled to see these gowns in your boutique. 

The company director, Mahesh is an entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in the fashion apparel industry, sourcing and manufacturing in Asia for importers and major retail chain groups in Europe, USA, Middle East and South America. He has a superb pedigree and understands what his customers are looking for and designs his gowns accordingly. 

To become one of the first stockists of Jazzy Babe gowns in the UK, please contact me today.

Exciting opportunity:

Are you an evening wear/prom gown agent? Jazzy Babe are looking for a UK agent with experience in the industry and an existing clientele. Interested? Email or call me for further details. 


Jazzy Babe offers elegant women’s couture for every Grand Occasion.