Free professional advice

Free professional advice

I recently caught up with Antony from Peninsula:

He has offered some invaluable free advice to all of you who have employees.

Click the link here:

Furlough and Job Retention

Important points to note:

–        You should seek the employees approval before changing their status to Furlough. I can advise on what happens if they don’t accept the change.

–        You should send a letter to the employee to confirm the change

–        At the current time the government have opened this up for 3 months, they could extend this but we need to work with the facts and start to have a fall back for after 3 months.

–        We are encouraging employers to think about their workload and start to forecast demand when they return to full working practice. Is the demand going to take 2-3 months or longer to return to the required level to employ and pay 100% of your workforce on full pay? Would you benefit from having the flexibility in place to reduce hours/ lay off under statutory guaranteed pay incase demand didn’t restore immediately? At Peninsula, we can of course put these policies in place for you now and manage that procedure as and when it comes to it.

–        Employers will need to be able to cover March & April wages as it is unlikely that they will be in receipt of the grant before this time, however, the grant can be backdated to 1st March so this is only a temporary cash-flow issue.

–        Advice and updates on this subject will be changing daily, with further clarity expected this week.

Antony tells me you are welcome to contact him here if you require any further help, or wish to know more about services and help Peninsula offer small businesses in the UK and Eire.

Antony​ Bates
Business Development Manager
t: 0844 892 2773
m: 07970732521

Wishing you all the best.