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Your team

Hello and welcome to my blog post about – yes, the in’s and out’s of Employment Law, HR, Health and safety regulations and all manner of important, sometimes overlooked behind the scenes aspects of running a small and perfectly formed business.

I recently caught up with Antony Bates from Peninsula services.

I started by asking him how much more can a business achieve by using Peninsula’s advice and support?

He says “When you run a business, the most valuable commodity of all is the hardest one to find: time. Time to concentrate on doing the things you do best, the passion which drives you to succeed, and finding time to make your business grow. Generally no-one sets up a business to spend their time learning about employment law or making sure they are up-to-date with their health & safety. The great new is, Peninsula do all the hard work for you!”

I went on to ask who their core customers are.

Antony tells me “Peninsula is the UK’s most trusted small business advisor. We help more small businesses in the UK than anyone else, taking care of the finer details and leaving you free to see the big picture.

We started out providing employment law and health & safety expertise, and over the years the range of services we offer has expanded in response to the needs of small business owners. Today we will support you with the kind of professional backup that big companies take for granted, all for a fraction of the cost of most professional service providers, thanks to our affordable service options.

To put it simply, Peninsula puts big company backup at your fingertips”.

What do you get for your investment?

Antony went through the following important details of the laws surrounding Employment Law and HR and how Peninsula help their clients:

“A full employment law consultancy review carried out by your local HR consultant or an office based HR consultant, to update all employment documentation to ensure compliance with current legislation, best practice and to provide flexibility and protection from staffing issues.

The review project will include:

– The principal Statement of Main Terms of employment for each employee within your business.

– Employee Handbook, to cover areas that most commonly arise as HR issues such as absence, performance and holiday entitlement conditions.

– An e-Learning introduction of your employment management systems once produced including a HR audit of your current employment files and practices.

– Annual telephone consultancy review by an office based HR consultant to discuss, review and make any changes required to your documents.

– Access to office based HR consultants Monday to Friday to make unlimited changes and updates to your documentation at your request.

– Online access to employment stationery and your bespoke employment documents for day to day needs, which will be updated according to changes to employment law or your business needs.

– Unlimited access to our weekly employment law e-Learning sessions for you and key management. Our e-Learning is continually kept up-to-date with changes in legislation, case law and best practice many of which are also CPD accredited.

– In the Loop; our monthly newsletter on topical employment law news and forthcoming changes in the legislation”.

Antony also explained about their fabulous cloud based system called BrightHR.

“BrightHR is an award-winning, secure cloud-based absence management system that allows you to manage all staff data, leave and absence, whilst powerful reporting gives you intelligent insights into absence patterns and the impact on your bottom line. Here are just some of the ways it can help you:

– More tailored advice when you contact the Employment Advice service, with instant insight into absence and lateness patterns

– One safe and secure place to store employee information, providing evidence and support for any tribunal or legal issue.

– Holiday management

– Absence and lateness management

– Shifts, rota’s and working patterns

– Remain compliant with a full, audit trail of employee records including DBS, visa and passport information

– Working time patterns and holiday & absence information are validated by Employment Law experts meaning you conform to legislation Monitor your business activity on the go with the IOS and Android apps.

– Blip is a simple clocking in system for small businesses. Using QR Codes and Smartphones you can track the hours your employees work, monitor lateness and overtime whilst ensuring you are satisfying your NLW requirements”.

Peninsula offer a 24 hour advisory service using practising solicitors and experienced HR professionals, with specialist teams providing specific support for complex case or sector specific issues.

How do Peninsula protect you?

“Whilst we act for thousands of clients in employment tribunals, our business ethos is centred around the prevention of tribunal litigation and the reduction of time spent by you and your management on HR and Employment Law matters. But for complete peace of mind we will provide insurance covering the defence of any future employment tribunal.

-Cover for awards and economic settlement for unfair dismissal and unlawful discrimination if you take and follow advice, and all policy conditions are met.

– Unlike rival companies, the policy gives you the right to decide to settle the case is economically viable to do so.

– Peninsula is totally unique in having a dedicated Specialist Appeals Team; providing a full service from start to finish up to and including the European courts where appropriate.

– Where advice has been followed, we will not automatically settle a case simply because it is more commercial to do so than to resist it, and not decline cover purely in the event that prospects of success seem poor.

– Effectively an entire legal department on a retainer consisting of a mixture of bar qualified, solicitor trained Employment Law Specialists & Advocates. £200,000 per insured claim; and £2,000,000 for all claims and prosecutions brought against you in any one policy year”.

Finally, we talked about Health and Safety law and what’s on offer:

Antony says:

“Peninsula offer a comprehensive framework for managing Health & Safety in your workplace to keep your business, your employees and the general public protected. The Health and Safety service includes:

– A principal visit to your premises for the preparation and installation of a bespoke Health & Safety Management system, developed specifically for your business, including the organisation, safety arrangements and monitoring procedures required for its effective implementation followed by an installation visit (set-up).

– A compliance review conducted by a qualified Health & Safety consultant to identify areas of non-compliance with your industry specific legal requirements resulting in a written report, an executive summary and an action plan with pragmatic advice on how to achieve compliance with legal obligations and best practice standards.

– Registration to our revolutionary Health & Safety Online System allowing you the flexibility to manage all of your Health & Safety Records simply and provide full access to our comprehensive Technical Reference Library & Stationery Store.

– Training for you and your staff on the use of Business Safe Online system, with on-going access to online videos which help walk you through the step by step process of creating new Risk Assessments and how to manage your records on Business Safe Online.

– One visit per annum by a qualified health & safety consultant to service your management system and provide advice and support on maintaining legal compliance.

– Access to a 24 hour telephone advisory service supported by qualified Health & Safety consultants, 365 day a year”.

Great news!

I am delighted to announce I have secured preferential rates with Antony solely for the UK Bridal Industry, using this exclusive code: HC10. Quote this when speaking to or emailing Antony. He is available here:

Mob: +44 (0)7970 732521



For Industry experts in the Republic of Ireland, speak to Antony and he’ll pass your details onto the dedicated Ireland Peninsula contact.

Best of luck!