New live chat courses

New live chat courses

It has certainly been quite a year so far hasn’t it. 

At last things seem to be getting back to normal for everyone. Thank goodness.

I am in the process of developing a series of mini courses which will be delivered by live chat over individual 2 hour time slots. They can take place with your team at your boutique, or, in the comfort of your own homes.

As an outline, the first courses will cover the following:

√ Changing the way we work in line with current Government guidelines.

√ Setting your own boundaries/systems in line with how you want to run your business.

√ Qualification.

√ Managing customer expectations. 

√ Honing and focusing customer appointments.

√ Handling objections.

√ Closing sales. 

I very much look forward to sharing these brilliant courses with you. 

Feel free to contact me for further information, availability and investment cost.