Getting back to work

Getting back to work

Get back to work and hit the ground running. Here are my top tips to help ensure you, your team, and your customers have the best possible experience once all businesses are re-opened.

Know when to stop!

After this unprecedented year, it would be very easy to expand your business; trying to be everything to everyone. Avoid! Bridal Retail is so niche and specialised. Diluting what you do now could end up costing you. Stick to what you know you do best. It’s what your customer’s love about you. Run a lean and efficient business.

Let go of any systems which don’t work, or are costly. Your team can help you with this – they are at the sharp end and will identify areas which can be modified.

Let your customers know who you are.

  • Add a real picture of your staff members faces next to their name email, live chat, and so on.
  • Give a meet the team introduction on your website and SM.
  • Customers want to see the face of who they are dealing with.

Did you know? Images increase conversion rates!

  • Shout out! Don’t be shy. Let your customers know how brilliant you are, and what they can expect when they come into your fabulous boutique.
  • Always offer the most human experience possible.
  • Customers don’t want to be greeted by a robot who speaks parrot fashion.
  • The customer experience in this environment is highly personal and individual. As such, this should be reflected in your team’s sales appointments and presentations.

Know your customer’s story.

  • Ensure you at least know the bare basics about who your customers are.
  • Customers want to be listened to so never assume you know who they are. You may be proved wrong.
  • When you personalise their experience, it helps no end when looking to build trust and rapport which as we know, are the foundations for a mutually beneficial sales encounter. It is something which can often be overlooked in a busy retail environment
  • Make sure you keep notes so anyone looking at a particular customer’s details will be able to see as a minimum their name, requirements, wants and needs.
  • Maintain professional standards and enable your customers to enjoy a more personal and dedicated form of service.
  • Adapt your business model to fit your customer’s needs. You should be flexible in your systems – to a point. Rather than offering exactly the same for every customer. The one size fits all model doesn’t work!
  • Always use the customer’s name. Avoid pet names: Darling, sweetie, poppet, love, babe. All these names sound comfy and friendly, however, they in fact show a lack of professionalism; can reduce the appointment to an encounter with a friend – and display laziness. More often than not, they are used because we have forgotten their name!
  • When you remember and use the customer’s name it becomes a hugely powerful tool in helping to build and maintain mutual trust.

After the sale.

  • The sale doesn’t end when the customer buys their dress/goods. After sales care is hugely important. It will form the basis of personal recommendations to your boutique.
  • Up to 86% of your business will come from customer endorsements of your service and care.
  • This phrase sums it up perfectly. “The last impression lingers longest”.

I wish you all the best in the coming months. Let’s get back to work!