Be the best

Be the best

Running a small business like yours takes a lot of bravery, guts, stamina, and vision. I say anyone who can succeed in a small business, giving people jobs, and making a profit is a winner. Big or small, you should be immensely proud of yourself.

Ignore the naysayers, doom mongers, and negative people. They’ll only serve to drag you down. They may have experienced bad business decisions. The real world they inhabit may be theirs; you though do not have to live in it!

In the unprecedented times we are living through, it would be easy to question why you should keep going.

During this time, never forget the why. Why you started your own company. The passion and flair you have for your business. Self-belief is crucial. This is what makes you unique – and helps you stand out from any competition, and ultimately what will help you win through.

Small businesses often struggle with constraints. These can be caused by:

Time, money, people, the market etc. At such times, look upon it as a positive thing. When we have less resources, we are forced to do more with what we have and become more creative. Push as far as you can with what you currently have. Zero waste!

My clients sometime remark they are constantly thinking about what more they can do; how much more they can offer. In the face of competition, market forces, customer service, and such like.

I advise that often, good is good enough. What you offer now is perfectly acceptable. Your good is great when compared to many other high street retailers with their sales prevention teams and order takers as I call them. They frequently lack professionalism. I maintain the high street can learn a lot from bridal retailers. 

Consistency of service and fabulous customer experience is a win win and will help build business longevity. Try not to be everything to everyone, it can – and will dilute what you do. Keep it simple, do it well. Focus on what you are the best at.

That’s what I have always done in my own business. Small and perfectly formed, running like a well-oiled machine is preferable to a fair weather fad!

Give customers a back story. Put a human face to the name. Now is the perfect time to do this. As the high streets are mostly shut, write a piece about you, your team, and your business. Tell them why you love what you do; why you love your customers.

The human angle is hugely important. It creates a connection, a bond. Like glue, it will hold the relationship between you and customers together.

When the shops finally open again, your customers will come to you with a renewed perspective, and an appreciation of just how hard you and your team will work to ensure one of the most important purchases of their life is memorable for all the right reasons.

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Never forget, you are the best!